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SME Capital Markets’ Website Overview

SME Capital Markets leverages the power of knowledge by offering access to SME-level capital market information and by introducing service and solution providers who specialize in working with smaller issuers.


Produce information and offer insights about capital market segments where capitalization and value creation measures can be realized by an SME-level ecosystem of companies and their investors, stakeholders, and services and solutions providers. 


Leverage the power of knowledge by extending the reach of SME-level capital market information, services, and solutions.


Offer deeper insight information that is not easily found elsewhere about SME debt and equity capitalization, secondary markets, and the service and solution providers who support these programs.

Survey SME-level stakeholders about key issues, practices, programs, and policies.

Support innovation and knowledge exchange by offering information and services that extend the reach of SME-level capital market services and solutions providers.    


Management team decision-makers, officers, directors, investors, and the service and solution providers who support SME capitalization, secondary market trading, and regulatory compliance.


This audience includes policy-makers, economic development entities, securities regulators, information producers, intermediaries, academics, and other SME-level capital market stakeholders.

Global Overview

Improving SME’s access to capital produces economic benefits by creating jobs and bringing innovation to the market place. Accelerating the flow of capital into SMEs and monetizing SME values in the capital markets is a global problem and opportunity for every stakeholder in this segment.  Leveraging the power of knowledge by offering access to SME-level capital market information and introducing service and solution providers creates unique opportunities. The objective is to help decision-makers act on these opportunities.

Importance of Capital Markets

Capitalizing small-to-medium-enterprises and providing an exit strategy for their investors is key to economic prosperity because smaller companies are the primary new job creators in most countries.


This site aggregates and enables exchanging information about projects to organize and develop SME-level capital markets. The objective is to present information that helps stakeholders across a spectrum of capitalizing companies, monetizing values, and organizing and developing SME-level capital markets.

Small-to-Medium-Enterprises Value Proposition

SMEs deliver value by creating new jobs and wealth. Businesses and local economies are increasingly interconnected through establishing alliances. SME business models on all sides of alliance relationships must be capitalized. International trade of SME goods and services can only be sustained by undertaking initiatives to organize and develop entry-level capital markets.

Knowledge exchange supports SMEs becoming economic development value propositions.


SME Capital Markets and its website support knowledge exchange by offering services to introduce SME-level capital market specialists, surveying the capital market ecosystem about emerging issues, producing market intelligence reports, and helping management teams realize value creation in the capital markets.

SME Capital Market Research Reports

SME Capital Market research reports focus on topics that are not covered by other sources. To the extent issues or trends can be addressed by creating information and intelligence that influences decision-makers, efforts will be made to develop research reports about these topics.

SME Capital Market Surveys

Surveys are undertaken to develop granular information about SME-level capital market issues.

Survey responses from management teams, officers, directors, service and solution providers, and stakeholders who want to succeed in entry-level capital market projects guide an ongoing effort to develop relevant content on the SME Capital Markets’ website.

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This website and its content are provided as an information service to readers on an "as-is, as-available" basis.


The information is collected from sources that are deemed to be reliable. SME Capital Markets assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions in the information that is presented on this website.


Reasonable efforts will be made to update information when there is a need to do so.

Visitors are cautioned to use information found on this website as a resource to help them undertake additional research.


WBS&A, Ltd.

SME Capital Markets is a division of WBS&A, Ltd., a management consulting service that helps clients on their paths to value creation in the capital markets.


To inquire about management consulting services contact:

Brad Smith
SME Capital Markets
Office 512-261-3750

Email Brad Smith  to follow up.