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Welcome to the SME Capital Markets Survey Page

SME Capital Markets undertakes surveys and research as part of an ongoing effort to develop value-creation market intelligence for clients. 


SME Capital Markets develops its research and surveys to acquire feedback and information from various publics.  This data is used to develop market intelligence, as well as to help clients create new products, improve services, and determine areas of new business opportunities.


SME Capital Markets’ research and surveys are designed to support knowledge exchange and provide actionable information that can be used by clients and third parties to pivot toward new market opportunities. 


As the economy shifts, it brings challenges and new opportunities.  Decision-makers must maintain a keen understanding about the dynamic market within their fast-changing world.


SME Capital Markets’ surveys, research, and market intelligence helps impact business decisions by informing management teams. 


SME Capital Markets can assist in investigating growth opportunities for regions, brands, companies, and organizations by providing critical insights to decision-makers. 


SME Capital Markets’ surveys, research, and market intelligence help clients explore opportunities and meet new demands for value-enhanced products, programs and services.


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SME Capital Market Survey Products

More than 30 million online surveys are being undertaken annually by leading market research agencies and Global 1000 companies conducting online surveys.


SME Capital Markets offers survey products and services to make these same capabilities available to decision-makers.


SME Capital Market Surveys are developed and produced as decision-makers identify issues and subject areas that can be analyzed by deploying Internet surveys to qualified sample groups.


Smaller issuer decision-makers have been aggregated into a global database for the purpose of inviting selected samples to participate in surveys.


This model applies survey techniques, internet technologies and professional survey practitioner knowledge. It centers on small issuer capital market decision-makers including officers, directors, attorneys, auditors, and other service and solution providers who address the SME level capital market space.


The objective is to create actionable market intelligence that supports business development and policy-making decisions.


This survey model contends that the factors generating increased demand for online research in upper-tier markets can be harnessed, refined, and applied to the small issuer capital market issues.


Previous survey projects listed below produced results that became information products.


Comprehensive proprietary survey projects are developed in conjunction with client objectives, and the findings are kept confidential.


SME Capital Market Survey and Research Services


Survey product and service solutions are being offered to support the value proposition that SME-level capital market participants can monetize unique opportunities when information can be transformed into actionable intelligence or needs and trends can be identified and measured.


Proprietary Survey Projects


Proprietary survey projects are developed in conjunction with client objectives and their findings are kept confidential.


Services include:

Questionnaire design;

Sample design;

Research objectives;

Choice of methodology;

Telephone interviewing;

Focus group interviewing;

Coding open-ended replies;

Data cleaning/validation;

Data analysis and reporting;

Tabulations, graphics, and summary reports with charts.

Surveys are a tool to research and understand SME capital market decision-makers’ concerns, needs and priorities.


Surveys can help market participants define product and service offering goals that will improve their long-term competitive advantage.


Surveys must be properly designed and executed to achieve any objective.


SME Capital Market services are designed and offered to help market participants cost effectively undertake productive surveys.


Our service model recognizes that SME capital market participants have limited time and resources. This model is designed to help and support decision-makers by leveraging SME Capital Markets knowledge base so they don’t have to start from scratch each time a new survey is undertaken.


A menu of survey services are offered to provide SME capital market participants with a range of choices to address specific needs and interests.


Survey services range from a defined, comprehensive survey to a low fixed-price package to support market participants through undertaking their own DIY surveys.

Partial Listing of Surveys and Research Completed for Clients


Alternative Capital Market Surveys and Research Reports

Housing Market Segment Surveys and Research Reports

International Trends in Foods, Snacks, Beverages and Gum Research Report

Media Survey and Research Report for Landscaping and Gardening Manufacturing Client

OTC Market Participant Survey

Overview of Educational Funding and Educator Needs in Texas Survey and Research Report

Research Report about Challenges and Opportunities during Regional Economic Shifts

Research Report about Cognitive Brain Development and Sequential Thinking

Research Report about Language Acquisition Strategies

SEC Smaller Issuer Reforms Survey, designed to help decision-makers understand what issuers want to know as SEC reforms are being proposed
Smaller Issuer Attorney Survey and Research Report

Smaller Reporting Companies Best Practices Survey and Research Report

SME Capital Market Compliance Information Technology Survey

SME Capital Markets Information Technology Survey

SME Capital Markets Website Improvement Survey

SME Economic Development Policy Maker Survey

SME Securities Regulatory Organizations Survey

Survey to help third party service or solution providers develop webinar topics

Texas Educators’ Interests and Needs Assessment

The Competitive Landscape in International Beverages Survey


Click Contact Us to email details about your survey project and request a price quote.


SME Capital Market Survey service packages are listed below.


Survey Design Consulting Services


Survey Design Consulting Services are available on an hourly prepaid, "pay as you go" basis for consultancy assistance to design and analyze long questionnaires and assist with sampling and distribution and analysis of results.

DIY Survey Guidance

This service offers general guidance to help clients create their own surveys.


DIY survey consultancy helps with questionnaire and sampling design, phone, or email contact messages and interpreting results.


This service is designed to jumpstart a client;s effort to develop their own DIY Survey Project.

Proprietary Survey Services


Provide necessary services to help client undertake a proprietary survey and create a written research report pursuant to defined objectives.


Comprehensive Proprietary Survey and Research Project Services include:

Determining the goals and objectives for the survey and research project;


Working with clients to identify and develop a unique SME-level capital market decision-maker sample contact list;


Extensive client consultation to develop survey topic;


Research the entry-level capital market subject area that the survey covers and complete an interpretive written summary.


Click Contact Us to email details about your survey project and request a price quote.