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About Us


Our management consulting focuses on the value creation potential of capital markets.


We work on:

Monetizing value that has been created

Capitalizing projects that create value

Producing market intelligence that offers insight about paths to value creation

Advocating that smaller issuers have better access to the capital markets

Officers, directors, service and solution providers and stakeholders benefit on the

paths to value creation that SME Capital Markets helps them create.

This site is an information resource that covers smaller company securities  registration, financial reporting, secondary markets, compliance, best practices and emerging market opportunities.

SME Capital Markets creates market intelligence that enables third parties to act on business development opportunities.

A new era is underway to launch capital markets that capitalize SMEs and provide secondary market liquidity for their investors.

Global integration of the world's economies is creating a better understanding about the need to organize and develop capital markets that enable small-to-medium-enterprise (SME) companies to raise capital, create value and provide exit strategies for their investors.

Research undertaken by SME Capital Markets is a driver that helps create new alternatives.

SME-level capital market knowledge bases are being created as new initiatives are launched.

SME Capital Markets researches information that is being generated by this knowledge base.

Knowledge bases develop as people and organizations master practices and interlink policies and regulatory regimes to introduce new programs, projects, services and solutions.

Management teams, policy makers, regulators, market participants, service and solution providers that work on SME-level capital market projects continually add to this knowledge base.

SME Capital Markets produces information that facilitates knowledge exchange. This includes identifying third party solution providers and introducing them to management team

USA content centers on capital market segments that are governed by federal and state small issuer securities regulatory regimes.

Globally, the content covers SME-level alternative markets.

Contact Brad Smith to follow up.