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Welcome to the Useful Information Page


This page reflects an ongoing effort to aggregate articles, books, studies, websites, whitepapers, and other content that may be of interest to people who are seeking deeper levels of information about the factors that affect or influence organizing and developing capital markets.

Content on this page will be updated as readers introduce new information pieces.

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Securities Regulatory Regimes

Securities Links (US) >

Financial Regulators Gateway (Global) >

Entities that Affect Informing, Organizing, Developing, Governing, Guiding or Regulating Capital Markets

The Corporate Executive Board >

Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS) >

Financial Regulators Gateway >

Funding of SMEs and mid-market companies by Securitisation >

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Organizations that Center on SMEs

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Center for SME Research >

Hong Kong Trade Development Council SME Forum >

Institute of Corporate Directors > Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises - Board Effectiveness Program >

Inter-American Development Bank: Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise >

New Zealand Centre for SME Research >

Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority – SMEDA >

SME Development Forum (SDF) >

SME Union >

United Nations Institute for Training and Research Programs for Debt and Financial Management (UNITAR/DFM) >

World Association for Small and Medium Enterprises to UNIDO >

World Intellectual Property Association: Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs ( Division) >

Articles, Books, Information Pieces, Presentations, Studies and Whitepapers

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Andritzky, Jochen R, Capital Market Development in a Small Country: The Case of Slovenia, © 2007 International Monetary Fund >

ASX Capital Markets Survey - SMEs >

Berger, Allen N., Potential Competitive Effects of Basel II on Banks in SME Credit Markets in the United States, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, February 2004,

China Securities Regulatory Commission, “Seminar on “the Capital Market and the State Strategy of Autonomous Innovation” by the Research Center of the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC),

Clemenz, Gerhard. Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems: Credit Markets with Asymmetric Information. Berlin Heidelberg New York London Paris Toyko: Springer-Verlag, 1986.

Development of SME Securitization in Germany >

Grant Thornton, “The 2007 Global Growth Markets Guide”, Online at

Hayek, F. A., "The Use of Knowledge in Society". American Economic Review, xxxv, No. 4; September, 1945, pp. 519-30, 1945, Online

Hussien Abd Almottaleb Alasrag, “ENHANCING COMPETITIVENESS FOR SMES IN THE ARAB COUNTRIES”, November 2006, Online at:, MPRA Paper No. 4110, posted 16, July 2007

Latin American countries, Inter-American Development Bank > Infrastructure and Financial Markets, Online at

Latin American countries, Inter-American Development Bank > Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise, Online at


O’Connor, Thomas G., “Does Cross-Listing in the U.S. cause value?”, Department of Economics, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland, 18th February 2005. Online at

Odife, Dennis O., Chief and Cohn, Stuart R., “Promoting Growth in African Capital Markets”, Copyright @ 2002 United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)., (Article Reference: Document No.18, November 2002), Online at

Osborne, Martin J. and Rubinstein, Ariel “Bargaining and Markets”, ISBN 0-12-528632-5, Copyright 1990 by Academic Press, Online at

Peterson RL. 2007. Inside the Investor's Brain: The Power of Mind Over Money. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 392 p

Rubinstein, Ariel “Lecture Notes in Microeconomic Theory: The Economic Agent” Published by Princeton University Press and copyrighted, © 2006, by Princeton University Press, Online available from or

Tatum D. 2007, No Man's Land: What to do When Your Company is Too big to be Small but Too Small to be Big. New York: Penguin Group. 245p.

The Estoril Declaration” at the Forum Financing Innovation: Principles and Good Practice Policies on the Financing Innovation Value Chain» - Estoril, 8th-9th October, 2007, Online at >

The Geneva Private Capital Symposium: Investing Private Capital in Emerging and Frontier Market SMEs (Click on the speakers name to read their presentation) >

Tirole, J., “The Theory of Corporate Finance” Book Description Contents with Links to Sample Chapters, Online or

Weller, Jürgen, Policy Recommendations: Promoting SME Development, “Job Creation in the Western Hemisphere: Reviewing Best Practices and Setting a New Policy Agenda”, Washington, D.C., October 21, 2004, ECLAC >

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